Womens Class

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night at 7.30pm and Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9.30am we will be running a pay as you go womens only class which will consist of all the CrossFit movements without the heavy weights. If you wanna tone up, lose weight or just improve your overall fitness this is the way to go. Just turn up on the night and we will take care of the rest. 6 euro per session, 3 sessions for 15 euro or 50 euro for the full month.

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  1. would love to go to your classes. However. I had a back op 4 years ago. My back is now fine. Is this suitable for some one who minds there back.

    many thanks

  2. Great class last night girls ,really doing great ,remember consistancey is the key to get those great results,see ye all again on friday for another great workout :)

  3. Class tonight at 7.30 ,great way to get fit and tone up, and lose those pounds in time for xmas :)

  4. Really enjoy the class. Feeling the benefit in a short length of time :) lots of different exercises and increasing intensity at your own pace with plenty encouragement from the trainers! Well worth a try

  5. Welldone on a tough workout ,tonight ladies,great improvements all round,see u all on friday night at 7.30 :)great to see u all back after ur little break,and great to see some new faces.

  6. oh my god today was a tough one

  7. would love to join womens classes how do i join up

  8. Class tommorow at 6.30 bank holiday monday 7/5/12

  9. Was just looking on your website and was thinking of going to the women class pay as you go can I just turn up and do I need some level of fitness ?

  10. loved the classes this week, tanks martina, will cya at the park on sunday & hopefully monday nite if class on

  11. Hi,
    Crossfit sound very tough and I love to join, I need to lose weight and muscle my arm, I want to be more fitness, can u info me list how how much for group, self, personal trainer and other. I want be fitness for college and would be grateful hear from you.
    Thank you

  12. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis but want to lose weight would u be able to help me

  13. Yes we would. Call me on 0852119780 Tom

  14. Do u have to be a member to do the pay as you go classes,can my 16 year old daughter go

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