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Click on this link to watch a video on the paleo diet

Your diet is as important as your workouts. Why put all that time and money into your training and then go undo all of your hard work by eating unhealthy food? The diet we recommend is called the paleo diet. It basically means eating whole natural foods which have been around long before the concept of farming. Lean meat and fish, lots of vegetables, some fruit and also getting plenty of healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil, nuts, seeds and avacados and drink plenty of unflavored water. Each meal should consist of some kind of protein, some kind of carbohydrate and some kind of fat. Foods to avoid are all processed and frozen foods, grains such as bread, pasta and rice, dairy products, all fizzy drinks, sugary snacks and try keep the alcohol to a minimum.

Healthy Foods

Types of good protein:
fresh fish
fresh lean unprocessed meat (free range or organic where possible)

Types of good carbohydrates:
sweet potatoe

Types of good fat:
coconut oil
olive oil
organic nut butter

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  1. To all at crossfit thankyou for the encourgement and to the class tutors tom martina and amy for the push and ass kickin .I need it as I try to aspire to where you are and whefe I love to be.

  2. Just started Crossfit in New Ross, nearly one week into it and loving it. It’s tough but feel great after each session. Have been including majority of the foods in my diet over the past year, oats being the only form of bad carb I indulge in …still need to purchase that almond flour to make my bread though!!.

  3. Hello do you sell or recommend glc2000?

  4. yes we do Lisa, my number is 0852119780

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