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Wednesday the 09-05-12

Micheal Connolly from Alpha Zone yoga has very kindly offered us a free 2 hour yoga workshop this Saturday from 0945am to 1145am. Flexibility is a massive part of our fitness and what better way to improve that than Yoga. [...]

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Friday the 20-04-12

Skill – Squat W.O.D 4 rounds max bodyweight backsquats 80 meter sprint 3 to 5 minutes rest between rounds Your score is the number of reps completed per round. As usual scaling is available so dont worry if you cant [...]

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Wednesday the 18-01-12

Skill – 10 minutes of your choice W.O.D “Death by 10 Meters” 1st minute run 10 meters 2nd minute run 20 meters 3rd minute run 30 meters and so on until you cant complete the required amount of distance within [...]

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Thursday the 22-09-11

Skill – Gymnastics Handstand and hanstand wallwalk W.O.D 10 by 80 meter sprints Or 10 by 250 meter row if your doing the row skip the skill work because the row take alot longer

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Thursday the 01-09-11

W.O.D “Death by 10 Meters” 1st minute 10 meters 2nd minute 20 meters 3rd minute 30 meters and so on until the distance cant be reached within the minute

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Thursday the 31-03-11

W.O.D 5 by 400 meter run or 5 by 500 meter row

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Thursday the 03-03-11


5 By 400 Meter Sprints

Rest Time Between Rounds Is 2 Minutes

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Tuesday the 15-02-11


10 by 100 Meter Sprints

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Wednesday the 26-01-11


5 By 400 Meters

Rest 2 Minutes Retween Rounds

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2010-11-05 Friday

10 by 100 Meter Uphill Sprints
Rest Between Sprints Is The Time It Takes To Walk Back Down To The End Of The Hill

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