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BredaEveryday is different which makes it more enjoyable that I keep on coming back for more.

DarrenCrossfit has made me leaner, stronger and possibly even faster and most importantly I am staying injury free.

Mark… since I started the Crossfit I can’t get enough

MarinaI have more energy for my kids, I can carry them upstairs to bed with no effort and they love the fact that mammy and daddy go training, so now they’ll …

Aidan – we’re all doing the same thing, some a little bit more intensely than others, but everyone helping each other out, egging each other on. You can take it as far as you like…

LyndseyThere is no never or I can’t in your training, there is I am able and I will learn and practice how to, this I have learned from the excellent coaches in Crossfit.

JohnSo it’s up to you, male, female, big, small, fat, skinny, fit or un-fit, you can do it, you just have to make the first move and then we’re all here to help you

Sarah -At CF the classes are mixed but I’ve never felt that way here, cos no matter what fitness level or gender you are, we’re all doing the same thing, at the same time, together.

Pip RocheMy level of fitness has gone way up

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  1. Tough class fri w.o.d. Sarah B. thouroughly enjoyed it though.Excellent tuition by our new female coach Martina Galegy.

  2. just to say well done john we all find it hard to keep going with our weight and fitness but all our crossfit members keep us motovative ,especially our crossfit trainers ,by the way i got my first RX Friday thanks guys Ann K

  3. Yep, Jacqui – “Sarah B” was a nasty little wod alright. He He!! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Cool about your first Rx Ann – All that hard work is paying off =)
    Seeing first hand and even just hearing about fellow CF’ers progress really gives me a buzz, and helps me keep pushing myself and reminds me how special this thing is!

  4. CrossFit has been life changing for me, it’s difficult to try put into words the positive impact Crossfit has had on me, it started as a weight loss tool for me but I no longer have to worry about my weight and my fitness has gone through the roof. I love the variety of the Crossfit Wod’s, they are planned and implemented to a high level and by following these I have increased my fitness and strength.

  5. Best thing I ever did was walk through the doors of cross fit Waterford what a place the coaching is the best you will ever come a cross great advice they take time to get to know you and your abilitys! I’m at my fittest since starting classes here! The atmosphere is unreal great social aspect! Tom amd Martina are just top knotch people hearts of gold with first class coaching! If your thinking about gettin fit this is where you should be! It will be beat thing you will ever do!

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