Friday the 3rd of January

Teams of 2:

AMRAP 10 minutes

30 push press 45/30lg
30 pullups
30 bar facing burpees

Rest 5 minutes

AMRAP 10 minutes

30 hang squat cleans 45/30kg
3 rope climbs
100 double unders

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Thursday the 2nd of January

Hey guys happy new year. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are ready to get stuck back into a solid routine of training and taking care of ourselves. This week is all about getring moving again so are focused on just getting back to the gym and reconnecting with our coaches and friends. Most of us havnt trained as much as we normally do, we havent had the best nutrition and been on the booze alot more than usual also. Thats all a recipe for feeling low and out of shape so its hugely important to get back into the gym asap and get moving again. Set the alarm for tomorrow if you need to and lets all get back to normality. Next week we begin our new program.

Todays workout should be done at a moderate pace for anyone who hasnt trained over the holidays. If you have been training go as hard as you like.

Amrap 8 minutes

15 cal machine
15 squats
15 kettlebell swings

Rest 2 minutes

Amrap 7 minutes

10 cal machine
10 pushups
10 ring rows

Rest 3 minutes

Amrap 6 minutes

5 burpees
5 box jump overs
5 toes to bar

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Tuesday the 24th of December

Teams of 3:

100 pullups or 50 c2b or 25 bar mu
200 double unders
100 toes to bar
200 double unders
100 cal row
200 double unders
100 box jump overs
200 double unders
100 burpees

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Monday the 23rd of December

The Chief

5 rounds of:

AMRAP 3 minutes

3 power cleans 60/40kg
6 pushups
9 squats

1 minute break between rounds



Barbell bicep curls
Ghd or abmat situps

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Friday the 20th of December

The 12 dsys of Christmas

Day 1) 100m Run
Day 2) Box Jump Overs
Day 3) Push ups
Day 4) Toes 2 Bar/K2C
Day 5) Burpees
Day 6) Clean &Jerk 45/30
Day 7) C2B / Pullups
Day 8) OH DB Lunge 22/15
Day 9) KBS 24/16
Day 10 Thrusters 45/30
Day 11) D-ball Cleans 40/30
Day 12) Double Unders

Scale as needed

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Thursday the 19th of December


30 minutes of:

10 to 15 dumbbell shoulder press
20 dumbbell lunges – 10 each leg
10 to 15 strict pullups
20 scissor kicks
15 cal machine

Aerobic capacity

5k row


20 minute slow bike + 20 minute mobility

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Wednesday the 18th of December

Barbell skill – split jerk

every 90 seconds for 6 rounds do 2 split jerks from the rack – add weight each round if technique is good


30 hang squat cleans 45/30kg
800m run
15 hang squat cleans 52/35kg


Amrap 10 minutes

10 ghd situps
10 ghd hip extensions

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Tuesday the 17th of December

Skill – 10 minutes rope climb practice. If you are skilled try an emom or 1 rep every 2 minutes.

5 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break between rounds

3 front squats 52/35kg
6 ring rows
9 kettlebell swings

Start every round with the squats. Score is total reps completed in the 5 rounds.


1k row – 100% effort

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Monday the 16th of December

Every 3 minutes for 5 sets do:

4 deadlift + 8 pushpress

Choose a weight on both movements that you can maintain good form and go straight from the deadlift into the pushpress

13 to 18 minutes – rest

18 to 30 minutes

5 devils press 22/15kg
10 toes to bar
15 box jumps

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Friday the 13th of December

Teams of 2:

Amrap 10 minutes

50 power cleans 52/35kg or power snatch 45/30kg
50 cal row
50 box jumps 30/24″
50 pullups or 40 chest to bar or 20 bar muscleups

Rest 5 minutes

Amrap 10 minutes

50 front squats 52/35kg or 50 overhead squats 45/30kg
50 cal ski
50 dumbbell snatch
50 toes to bar

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