Friday the 18-11-11

Skill – power clean

Strength – squat 2,2,2,2,2,2,2


3 rounds

15 overhead squats 42.5/30kg
15 burpee wallballs 10/6kg

Still not done??? – amrap 2 minutes of double unders (optional)

Exercises: , , , .

16 Comments to Friday the 18-11-11

  1. CRIKEY this is guna be a lil toughie wall balls burpees and ohs :O:O:O

  2. ooh nice cant w8 4 it!

  3. I hope to make the 6.30 class. Saying that the overhead squat will prove to be a tough challenge!!!!

  4. well i m taking tomorrow off so i will enjoy that enjoy everyone :)))

  5. Wod 9.06
    Ohs 42.5kgs 8 kgs wall ball
    Strength work 100kgs back squat new pb
    Happy Wochenende all

  6. WOD 16.50. Struggled a bit with burpees and got at least ten no reps on wall balls. Did 20kg OHS which was big improvement 4m 15kg in a WOD few weeks ago. Got pr on OHS 27.5. Gr8 class Eddie. Thanks Eddie and Pat for advice on OHS!

  7. 13-39rx sore on the wrists for the o/h squats strength work done o/h squats also 52.5 kg new pr well done all.

  8. WOD: 12:46 10kg Ball and 35kg OHS

    SW: 105 kg Back Squat PR

    2min Double Unders: 65
    plus 20 burpees for not filing away my book !! :)

  9. STRENGHT ohs 22.5kg could of went up to 25 but wasnt confident enough need to lock out my right arm more love the short reps :)new pr big improvement 2 months ago i wasnt able to do the 15kg bar so happy:)
    WOD 12.34 just used the 15kg bar to get technique and 4kg wall ball dem wallball burpees are killers take up alot of your time :/ well done half 9 :)

  10. Strength ohs 32 .5kg first time doin it for strength so it’s a pr.
    12.04 25kg / 6kg ball Ur rite Tracy them wall burpees are a killer and then 2mins of d/u only 32
    Enjoy Ur weekend everyone :-)

  11. Back squat 100kg
    WOD 15.40Rx Spent 5min on the last set of squats
    144 Double unders

  12. Great session tonight, 40kg PR on OH Squats then used 35kg for the WOD and got 14:35 – 35kg OH Squat and 10kg wallball / burpees. DUs a mere 52 in 2 minutes, maybe they’ll come back one day (and maybe if I practise a bit more it would help)

  13. 11.34 rx happy with me overhead squats, still a bit of improvement but def the best I’ve ever done em!!

  14. Oh ye 105kg on back squat new PB

  15. Strenght : Front Squat 40kg

    W.O.D 9:03 (15kg OHS)

  16. Am i seeing things there, Kenno is actually happy :)
    Well done today all, PR’s all over the place :)

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