Monday the 02-09-13

Starting today we will be going through 6 week strength cycles every Monday and Thursday starting with the back squat. Monday will be a back squat workout followed by a short squat related metcon and Thursday will be a back squat followed by accessory work. We will kick it off with a 1 RM test on Monday then work from there finishing on the Thursday of the 6th week with another 1 RM test. If you want to improve your squat/CrossFit performance then make sure you get to class every Monday and Thursday for the next 6 weeks. Heres few pointers to follow over the next 6 weeks if you intend on getting the maximum results from this program.

1.Rest those legs in between sessions. long runs and cycles will slow down the recovery process and take away from your strength gains. Pull back on the longer workouts aswell.

2.EAT BIG. If we wanna get strong then we need to supply our bodys with plenty of good calories so the muscle can repair and grow.

3.Make sure you get here EVERY Monday and Thursday no matter what. If your not here to lift then you wont get stronger.

4.Get on the supplements. Creatine or the CGT10 supplement will help you lift heavier. Get on it, myself and the rest of the people who have been taking it have noticed huge gains. Also invest in a good quality protein for post workout recovery. Milk is a great post workout drink, it has everything you need to get strong. It was designed to turn little animals into big animals, i want to be a big animal, do you???

This is the first ever time we have done a dedicated strength cycle so I cant wait to see the results in 6 weeks time. Any questions let me know.



20 minutes to establish a 1 rep max back squat


5 rounds

10 front squats 60/40kg
10 burpees

Exercises: , , .

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