Monday the 11th to Friday the 15th of March


skill – practice pullups, chest to bar or ring or bar muscleups. Dont do to many reps, just enough to get a feel for the movement before the workout begins.

“Framanda” – 15 minute cut off


thrusters 42/30kg + chest to bar

straught into:


ring or bar muscleups
squat snatch 60/42kg

Todays workout is a mixture of 2 classic benchmarks, Fran and Amanda. Both are couplets with a barbell and gymnastics movement. As usual the movements can be scaled accordingly. The c2b can be scaled to regular or banded pullups and the same with the muscleups. The snatch can be scaled to a squat clean.


60 seconds on 30 seconds off for 3 rounds

1. pushups or handstand pushups
2. d-ball cleans (over the shoulder)
3. knees to chest or toes to bar
4. squat jumps

finisher – 2k team row


amrap 7 minutes

10 deadlifts 102/70kg
15 burpee box jump overs
30 doubleunders

rest 3 minutes

amrap 7 minutes

10 pushpress 45/30kg
15 bar facing burpees
20 dumbbell snatch 22/15kg


dumbbell bench press press – 10 to 15 reps
15 strict pullups + ring rows – max set of strict pullups and finish the 15 reps with ring rows
20 d-ball back step lunges – 10 each leg


30 minute max cals on rower or bike


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