Monday the 15th to Friday the 19th of April

Hey guys hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and are ready to get stuck back into training tomorrow.

We will be starting our fingerprint check in tomorrow in every class to track attendance and help us help you guys stay consistent with your training. At the start of every class we check in by placing our right index finger on the reader. If you dont have yours registered yet allow some time before or after class and the trainer will get you scanned in. If you are paying cash at the moment let the trainer know and I will get you sorted during the week.

We will have more details on our members appreciation week this week. Steph has a great week planned that im sure all you guys will enjoy!


Strict pullup program

The goal this week is to either increase reps heading towards 8 or increase weight if you have 8 reps for all 4 sets.

If you do not have strict pullups you will rotate between static bent arm hang for 30 seconds and negative pullups for 30 seconds. Do one on the first set then switch to the other on the next set.

Another factor in pullups is our body fat percentage. If we are carrying excess bodyfat then this will hinder your ability to be able to do almost all gymnastics. As part of our members appreciation week we will be having a free talk on healthy eating by nutrionist Gine Ryan on the Saturday so I would highly recommend this for everyone even if you have your diet dialed in but especially if you dont. Shedding a few extra pounds will make a huge differance to your bodyweight movements.

Add 2.5 to 5kg to your deadlift depending on how it went last week

00.00 – 8 deadlift
02.00 – 3 to 8 strict pullups or weighted pullups
04.00 – 8 deadlift
06.00 – 3 to 8 strict pullups or weighted pullups
08.00 – 8 deadlift
10.00 – 3 to 8 strict pullups or weighted pullups
12.00 – 8 deadlift
14.00 – 3 to 8 strict pullups or weighted pullups

14 to 20 – rest

20 to 30

AMRAP 10 minutes

40 wallballs 9/6kg
30 deadlift 75/50kg
20 ring rows



3 rounds of 5 minutes with 1 minute break between rounds

1. d-ball cleans – go heavy!
2. plank
3. box step ups with 1 dumbbell 22/15kg onto 24/20″
4. pushups
5. kettlebell swings



Build on your numbers from last week

EMOM by 20

1. 1 to 2 rope climbs – legless if possible or a set of bar muscle up – not max
2. 5 to 15 handstand puhups or 30 second handstand
3. 5 to 15 toes to bar
4. rest

Finisher – 800m run


Add 2.5 to 5kg to the back squat
If you got all 4 sets of 8 reps unbroken on the shoulder press add weight to achieve the same result this week. It my only be 1kg and thats fine, the shoulder press is difficult to make gains on so be patient.

00.00 – 8 back squat
02.00 – 8 shoulder press
04.00 – 8 back squat
06.00 – 8 shoulder press
08.00 – 8 back squat
10.00 – 8 shoulder press
12.00 – 8 back squat
14.00 – 8 shoulder press

14 to 20 – rest


dumbbell pushpress 22/15kg
box jump overs 24/20″
dumbbell front squats 22/15kg


Density 20 minutes of:

Dumbbell bench press – 10 to 15 reps
Kettlebell croc rows – 15 to 20 reps each arm reps
Dumbbell lunges – 15 each leg alternating


Teams of 3:


100 cal row or ski
75 squat cleans 52/35kg
200 Double-Unders
10 Rope Climbs

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