Monday the 16-04-12


Press 5,5,5,5,5


50 ring pushups – 4 minute cut off point

8 Comments to Monday the 16-04-12

  1. nice

  2. 82.5KG Push Press.
    3:18 on Ring Pushups.

  3. 100kg bench x 1, 1.21 ring push ups RX

  4. Wod 55 kgs s/p 159 ring push ups

  5. 85kg bench x 2, 1.09 ring push ups RX

  6. 35/37.5/40/45/50 x 5 pushjeerk – could have got bit more i’d say but unsteady on technique so happy with 50. Some heavylitting going on by anna una and the other guys and girls at half 5 =) 2.56 did 12 ringrows then 32 regular pushups (got strained neck again, cos i just tense up when i do ringrows)

  7. 35kg bench press new pb so happy enough with that. 3.03 for 50 10kg weighted pushups (can only do ring pushups from my knees so wanted to make the regular pushups a bit harder)

  8. Bench Press 37.5kg x5 , pb for 5 reps.
    Did normal pushups, can only do ring ones from knees and never get the 50 done so did normal ones… 2.32 i tink…

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