Monday the 25th to Friday the 29th of March

How are we all doing guys, hope everyone enjoyed the last 5 weeks as much a the trainers and myself did.

To all the people that signed up and took part well done, you are all champs no matter what score you got or where you placed on the leaderboard. It can be a stressful time of year but you all held yourself like true pros and made your coaches proud. Well done to everyone who got their first toes to bar, pullups, chest to bar or bar muscleups, the journey of 1000 miles starts with 1 step so we look forward to seeing where we can go from her on in. To everyone who didnt sign up well done to you to, its not everones cup of tea so it can be a tough 5 weeks for you also with all the chatter and the change in programming. Thank you for being patient with us all and who knows, maybe in October when the next Open starts you might just decide to sign up yourself. If you do I promise you wont regret it!

Here is the plan for the programming for the next 2 months after this week:

This week we are gonna have some fun with a couple of different types of workouts that are a break from the norm. In the lead up to the open and the open itself we did a massive ammount of kipping movements so for the next 2 months we will be mostly focusing on strict to build back up strength and give our joints a chance to heal up. The 4 most important movements for this imo are deadlift, back squat, shoulder press and strict pullup. We will base our Monday and Wednesday strength cycle around these 4 movements with short intense workouts afterwards then either a team workout or a long haul individual workout on Fridays to develope endurance in the longer time domain. Tuesday will be interval work with either basic movements for beginners or gymnastics like hspu, toes to bar or holds for more experienced members who want to improve their gymnastics. This is a great way to dial in your gymnastics so i would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get better for comps or just improve in general. The density work will remain on Thursdays. Any coach that knows their stuff will tell you strict movements are an important part of any decent program and to avoid them is to leave a huge hole in your game and leave yourself open to plateuing and injury. I will also post an endurance/recovery workout for the same day. This can be done at a slower pace for recovery or a higher pace to develope cardio and repatory endurance. I stand behind my programming and will be doing the exact same thing as you guys with some extra work because I have the time. I cant wait to see how it goes over the next 2 months.



90 seconds on 30 seconds of for 30 minutes

1. D-ball carry 40/30kg
2. Heavy prowler push (rx would be 100/60kg) – one person push up and the other walks beside them then they push and the first person walks beside them, that way we can have 4 people using the 2 prowlers at 1 time
3. burpee + D-ball clean over jerk blocks or 2 soft plyo boxes
4. Farmers walk with handles or kettlebells 32/24kg
5. Ski erg for max cals – go hard, dont hold back, this is not a rest


45s on 15s off for 20 minutes

1. kettlebell swings or rope climbs
2. squat jumps
3. pushups or hanstand pushups
4. lunges holding a dumbbell
5. situps or toes to bar

finisher – 2k row as a team of 3



5 rounds

400m run
30 box jumps
30 wallballs 9/6kg


5 rounds

200m run
20 boxjumps
20 wallballs


Density training

20 minutes of:

barbell bench press press – 10 to 15 reps
15 strict pullups + ring rows – max set of strict pullups and finish the 15 reps with ring rows
20 dumbbell step ups – 1 dumbbell on each shoulder – 10 steps each leg alternating



This will be an unkown workout to everyone but your trainer. You will have no idea what the rep range, movements or time domain will be. There will be no clock and no watches aloud. The trainer will warm you up, get you to leave some gear around the gym and then away you go!!!! Whatever the trainer calls out thats what you will do until they tell you otherwise. This will be a test of mental fortitude aswell as physical capabilties. The whole idea of this workout is the unknown so please do not be a spoil sport and tell the later classes what they are heading into. Cant wait for this!!!!!

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