Monday the 26th to Friday the 30th of August

Hey guys hope evryone had a great weekend and is ready for another good weeks training. We are into week 3 of our back squats on Monday so keep being smart with your jump in weights, we should still have no issue moving for all 10 reps. We are continuing benchmark wednesday with one of my favorites Nicole. Lots of running and pullups so its a great way to improve both. I am buzzing for thursdays Tripple 3!!!! I usually take thursday as a rest day but im gonna have to get in for this one!!! Look it up on youtube and see what you think :-) Friday is another great team workout with plenty of burpees and barbells, if you are taking part on Saturday take take Friday off or take it easy, we wanna be fresh for the event so going hard the day before isnt a good idea. If your not signed up theres still time to do so and if you dont feel like it come down and have a look anyway, it dosent matter if you train or not, we all want you there anyway to enjoy the day and be part of the community. I totally get not everyone wants to workout out in front of a crowd and be judged and thats totally fine, you can still come and enjoy whats going on and chow down on some delicious burgers afterwards. Cya all tomorrow



100 back squats week 3

Every 2 minutes for 10 sets do 10 back squats – we are aiming to up the weight from last week. I will be going from 65kg to 70kg, it should start to feel a little bit tougher as the weeks go on, still medium difficulty. You shoulde be able to do all 10 reps with out pausing at the top.

19 to 22 minutes – rest

22 to 30 minutes

AMRAP 8 minutes

3/6/9/12/15/18 and so on of:

thrusters 35/25kg
toes to bar or knees to chest


10 to 20 minutes handstand or handstand walk practice

if you dont have a handstand against the wall now is the time to practice. if you do move onto hsw, set up some cones and practice, practice, practice!


Skill – rope climb

60 seconds on 30 seconds off for 20 rounds

1. russian kettlebell swings
2. burpees jumping to a 6 inch touch – the bar
3. L-sit on kettlebells or paralettes or boxes or rings
4. bike for cals
5. rope climbs or legless rope climbs



dumbbell snatch
ghd situps or situps


Skill – kipping pullup


amrap 20 minutes

400m run
max pullups

score is total pullups


100 bench press for time – im going with 70kg, choose a weight you can get at least 20 reps with on the first set


Active recovery – 45 minutes of mobility or a swim and sauna

Aerobic capacity – Tripple 3

3k row
300 double unders
3 mile run


30 minutes of:
10 to 15 dumbbell shoulder press
10 to 15 croc rows
20 box step ups holding a dumbbell in the front rack position
10 cals on a machine




deadlift 100/65kg



overhead squats 35/25kg
bar facing burpees



ground to overhead 45/30kg
burpee box jump overs

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