Monday the 27th of May

This is day 1 of our new program guys. We need to make each round challenging to make this as effective as possible. That means making the pullups hard, the dumbbells heavy and going hard for the 15 cals. Give every round 100% and see how it goes. For those of you eager to earn more gains there will be “OVERTIME” available everyday!

10 rounds of:

10 pullups – strict if possible or strict/kipping or banded
10 dumbbell bench press (go heavy but every set should be unbroken)
15/10 cal on a machine – keep the machine close so you dont waste time
90 break between rounds

35 minute cut off – if you finish 10 rounds within 35 minutes stop


4 rounds of:

Max pushups
Max ring rows

90 seconds break between rounds

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