Monday the 31-02-11

Strength – Push Press/Push Jerk 5,5,5,5,5


Kettlebells Swings 24/16kg
Wallballs 8/6kg

Exercises: , , , , .

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  1. nice workout :))))))))))

  2. The above comment was from me oops!!!!!!!!!john was loged on again.

  3. Think im ready to get stuck into a few workouts again, looks like a nice one to get me going, the mind is willing just hope the body is too, see u in the morning.

  4. Nice well balanced workout! Should be able for that one =)

  5. 6:03 today. I used 16kg KB instead of 24kg and ring pushups instead of normal ones (back injury).
    It was nice sprint type of workout where I could go without any stops – on the edge of falling apart.

  6. alternate fight gone bad – 5 x 5 min rounds, one min rest in between.

    20kg thrusters
    28″ box jumps
    ring push ups
    20kg kb swings

    377 reps, body is like jelly. really enjoyed it tho thanks tom

  7. Well done Rob – 5 rounds of extra hard FGB – Class!
    Max lift 40kg x 5/42.5 x 4/failed on the 5th lift =( My WOD 7:13 RX. Burpees straight after WOD 2.13.

  8. max push press 60kg x 5, personal best.

    WOD – 5:48 RX

    burpees 1:25

  9. Max push/press 52.5kg but only for 4 failed on the 5th new P/B, the stomack was just a tad sore doing these this morning ,W.O.D RX….5.53 . so a good days work done enjoyed this one.

  10. W.O.D 7:20 RX

  11. Max lift only 3 reps 52.5kg,

    Wod 6,09 rx (I think)

    Fairly disgusted with me effort today, dunno what up with me, least Itl be easy to beat next time!!

  12. Max Push Press 40 Kg a new PB for me thanks to Martina for pushing me on :)
    WOD 5.35 RX. Thanks Paul for keeping count. I think we might have left a few sneaky “non line passers” through but I am not complaining, I HATE HATE HATE wall balls :(
    Burpees: 1.11

  13. Max push press 42.5 kg. wod 6.10 8kg ball… loved this workout but was tough….
    Burpees 1.14 pb :)

  14. Max push press 65kg got 70 last time stomach just to sore today.W.O.D 5.15 RX done ring pushups instead a normal ones. No probs Bernie they were hittin the bottom of the marker so u were grand:]

  15. SW: push press 65kg PR!!

    Wod: 6.50 poor time, wall ball slows me down.. An pushups… My two worst things!!

  16. Max push press 52.5kg for 4, w.o.d 8:05 wall balls were a disaster! Burpee challenge 1:19

  17. max Press 77.5 kg x 4, missed last one :-(
    wod 4.04 rx
    Burpees 1.11, well done bernie ya caught me on the last few :-)

  18. W.O.D. 6:35 – officially cant do wallballs (need big help on wallballs) need to grow about 12 inches – Max push press 57.5 (pb). Great to see so many people at 17:30 class.

  19. Done Nicole RX

    6 rounds 49 pull ups

    good to be back and to see all the New faces in the gym including mine again Hahaha

  20. Max push press,newPR at 62.5kg then 5:57 for the RX WOD so happy enough, great crowd at half 5 and introduced myself to the GHD torture devices tonight.

  21. 70kg max push press.6.49 for wod wasnt feeling great today so happy i got through it

  22. Max push press 52.5 PR of 5kg so happy wid that.
    WOD 6:40 approx (forgot i needed to remembr the time gary called out :/)
    Not a good time but pushups always kill me and my wallballs definately need some work. Good to see everyone at the 5.30 class and the new faces too.
    Big welcome back to Bref :)

  23. Max push/press 25kg for 2 reps…. 22.5kgx5 reps W.O.D……6.20 12kg kettle bells those wallballs are killers especially wen ur only 5ft small :P

  24. WOD 9.03….Cannot wait for the lighter wallballs, have to agree with Bernie, they are a nightmare, really slowed me down, couldnt even do 5 in a row !!!! have given up on the burpee challenge this month, knees were to battered….next month maybe…

  25. reached 77.5kg 17kg more than last so very happy with that, wod 6.55 rx think i’ll have to eat more often had loads of energy today lol

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