Monday the 3rd to Friday the 7th of June


10 rounds of:

5 back squat at 60% of 1rm
10 dumbbell glute bridges
10 russian kettlebell swings 32/20kg
10 toes to bar

rest 1 minute between rounds

There is a 40 minute cap on this workout

Overtime – 1 set of max wallballs


pick a weight that you can get almost if not all of the first set of shoulder press unbroken with.

20 shoulder press
500m row or 400m run
20 pushpress (add 10% more weight)
500m row or 400m run or bike
20 push jerk (add 10% more weight)
500m row or 400m run or bike
20 push press (subtract 10% from first pushpress)
500m row or 400m run or bike
20 shoulder press (subtract 10% from first shoulder press)
500m row or 400m run or bike


4 sets of:

max dumbbell hammer curls
max dumbbell skull crushers

rest 1 minute between sets


100 barbell curls with a reverse grip


AMRAP 25 minutes

10 burpees
15 wallballs
20 situps


10 rounds

400m run
10 deadlifts
10 strict pullups


3 sets of max weighted hip extensions


Recovery session

30 minutes row, bike and ski

alternate every 5 minutes

20 minutes mobility of your choice


25 minutes of:

12 dumbbell top to top shoulder press
12 ring rows
12 heavy dumbbell goblet squats


Teams of 2:

0 to 15 minutes:

barbell bench press – sets of 10 each

while 1 partner is benching the other uses a machine

15 to 20 – rest

20 to 35

40 dumbbell floor press
40 box jumps
60 double unders

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