Thursday the 01-09-11


“Death by 10 Meters”

1st minute 10 meters
2nd minute 20 meters
3rd minute 30 meters
and so on until the distance cant be reached within the minute

Exercises: .

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  1. will have to this Sat with Breda, as tomorrow is our day off

  2. My rest day tmrw too John, anyway need to get bit of rest so we’re ready for my wod on Friday ;)

  3. Did death by kettlebells ,as the ankle is not perfect yet ,welldone 2 all the die hards doing the runs in the 9.30 class great stuff :)
    Death by kettlebells 24kg… 17+13

  4. 20 + 18
    new pr so delighted with that, nice to have big crowd at 9:30 again

  5. 19 + 19

    Enjoyed dat! NOT!

  6. 16 + 7 good class at 9.30 :-)

  7. 18 plus 16, well done to all the morning classes. Great to see everyone hitting those PR,s. Some going Liam, fair play buddy.

    Paul Finn turned around to me after he had done his workout and said “Youl never see anyone doing death by 10 meters in the open gym” and he was right. Its one of them workouts that ye dont normally rush to open gym to do. But thats why its so important to get to class when this kind of workout is on, dont avoid the workouts you wouldnt normally do because they are the ones that often can benefit us the most!

    Hey John you and Breda will make us eat our words on Saturday when you do it in open gym! :-)

  8. would of loved to do this :O but feelin sik so mite try in open gym good times all round :)

  9. 16 +13 New PR :)

  10. 17+16 exact same as last time

  11. 17 + 17 last time out today 19 + 14 so delighted with that found doing the workout indoors with the clock as a visual aid a great help it was easier to pace yourself well done everyone.

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