Thursday the 08-11-12


20 minutes to work up to a 3 rep max press


AMRAP 8 minutes

5 burpees
10 kettlebell swings 24/18″
15 double unders

Exercises: , , , , , .

5 Comments to Thursday the 08-11-12

  1. Looking forward to doing this wod, had a bad class this evening struggling with technique on over head squat.

  2. Another great class today cheers Tom :-)
    Push press for strength 62.5 kg x1 60 x 3 happy enought. Long time since I did this
    WOD….. 8 rds + 4 burpees
    Great. Being back in classes for this. Week kind of miss it :-)

  3. Bench press 47.5kg new pr and 6rds 10 burped rx good wod :-)

  4. Shoulder press 30kg first time doing them they tough enough:) got 5rds in the amrap:) great class:)

  5. 37.5kg on the bench press (pb), 3 rounds and 13 du’s in the amrap I’m so s..t at the du’s but what harm it was still a workout trying to do the du’s.

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