Thursday the 20-10-11


amrap 12 minutes

12 power snatchs 35/25kg
24 ghd situps

Exercises: , .

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  1. hope there arent many in whichever class im in…I want to hit them GHD sit ups hard!

  2. You can defo have one Trish, alot of people have done them before so im sure whoever is there wont mind giving any new members an oportunity to use them.

  3. Looks like a toughie but would like to give the GHD’s ago if there’s 1 free at 6.30 class if not no problemo:) never done power snatches should b interesting maybe when I know what they are I might not want the GHD……

  4. Ooh tink i shud take a rest day 2moro mayb, even ftr th e workshop snatch beats me..

  5. Im sure youl get a chance Sharon. Anyone who hasnt used the GHD before and would like to give it a shot just say it to your trainer at the start of class and they will hook you up.

  6. I would like to get over my fear doing Ghd’s
    if there is one free @9.30 class would like to give it a go if not will make open gym Sat.

  7. Just checked pit them power snatches oooohhh be the jaysus the look like a bleedin killer c’mon Laura rest the wk end give it a lash…… :)

  8. Feeling kinda sick all day (Wed) so didnt go in =((( Hope to be back to normal tmrw. Gonna do todays wod (5 x 400m) at 1pm in open gym on saturday all being well if anyone missed it and wants to join me. Well done all 8-)

  9. grand little workout i dont care im not coming in this is my rest day i suffered last week doing the 5 days straight never again so im thinking of going for a run tomorrow enjoy everyone thanks for a good workout this morning eddie well done to the big crowd at the 6.30 lol :)))

  10. Nice 1 Tom.

  11. Looks like a great workout despite all the GHDs but the left shoulder is very tender so rather than risk ending up an old crock with a shoulder injury like Tom :) I have decided to be sensible and rest.
    Enjoy the fun.

  12. Aw sharon im mtn my friends half 7, so b pushn it goin to 5.30 even! And i have done 5 days so far 2 includin whe run sunday?

  13. Best of luck all. Today is my rest day too ….3 on 1 off.

  14. 5rds & 1 power snatch RX

    Didnt do ghd in ages, killer

  15. Well done to Brian and Mairead at the very cold 6.30am class this morn, only 2 so no escaping the GHD :)
    At 9.30am class got 6 rds + 22 sit ups on the ab mats, glad now I gave up the GHD, had a great little comp with Martina who got same score as myself, was ahead on the snatches but she flew through the sit ups at the end, well done great stuff :)

  16. 6 rounds and 7 power snatches done 17.5kg hard to get technique and gave the ghds to the eager beavers :) well done half 9 great scores all round :)

  17. Wod 6rounds 7 sit ups abmat tough one
    Well done to the ghder

  18. 6 rds 10 GHD.did 1 hand kb snatch 16kg

  19. A great workout this morning,more like trying to catch up on u Eddie,u were ahead all the time but u really pushed me cheers :) enjoyed that !!!!gave up the ghds so the newer members could give them a lash,
    W.O.D…..6rds + 22 sit up on the abmat 25kg on p/s.
    Welldone 9.30 crew ,nice to see Paul Hammond back we miss ya:)

  20. 3 rounds + 7 snatches RX good training this morning :)

  21. 4 rds even 20 kg and ghd it was tough near d end can’t wait for d pains in me stomach tomorro,NOT,oh well :-)

  22. Sounds like ye all had great fun today 8-D
    Looks like a real killer wod, shame i’m missing it, still not 100%

  23. 15kg power snatch and GHD’s…

    FIrst time doing power snatch so was happy I learned them. Still havent got rhythm right but was getting there..

    4 rounds plus 8PS’s

  24. 7rounds 7snatches done sit ups on an mats first time trAinin in along while so didn’t want to chance the ghds great to b back well done to all

  25. 4 rounds 3 GHD’s RX.

    Really good instruction from Martina on Power Snatches.

    Bring on the GHD pain!!!

  26. Sarah B hope u are feeling better ,miss u at the classes the last 2 days,wishing u a speedy recovery :)

  27. 6 Rds 9 Pull Ups, Subbed Power Snatch for pull ups.

    Good WOD tough on the abs :-)

  28. WOD 6 rounds + 8 power snatches (17.5kg, abmat) hard to get the technique right but think I prob could’ve managed the 20kg I will next time….great workout really enjoyed it!

  29. Going mad I missed it might do it in open gym next week:)

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