Thursday the 2nd of January

Hey guys happy new year. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and are ready to get stuck back into a solid routine of training and taking care of ourselves. This week is all about getring moving again so are focused on just getting back to the gym and reconnecting with our coaches and friends. Most of us havnt trained as much as we normally do, we havent had the best nutrition and been on the booze alot more than usual also. Thats all a recipe for feeling low and out of shape so its hugely important to get back into the gym asap and get moving again. Set the alarm for tomorrow if you need to and lets all get back to normality. Next week we begin our new program.

Todays workout should be done at a moderate pace for anyone who hasnt trained over the holidays. If you have been training go as hard as you like.

Amrap 8 minutes

15 cal machine
15 squats
15 kettlebell swings

Rest 2 minutes

Amrap 7 minutes

10 cal machine
10 pushups
10 ring rows

Rest 3 minutes

Amrap 6 minutes

5 burpees
5 box jump overs
5 toes to bar

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