Thursday the 31-03-11


5 by 400 meter run

or 5 by 500 meter row

Exercises: .

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  1. Hate da running, but need to do it – shame tomorrow is my rest day :(

  2. Yuck, hates d running, but has to b done I suppose! Legs dead after Mon & Tue, needed d rest today!

  3. fastest 1.06.slowest 1.26.gassed out after first sprint.tough but enjoyable.

  4. Fastest 1.40 (3 secs faster than last time…but I def ain’t no sprinter!!! Sorry about the grammar Aidan!!) Slowest 1.49 Great rowing and running from Eamonn and Mike at 6.30am

  5. Row: Fastest 1.56 slowest 1.58
    That row machine is a killer on the glutes. Had to get out of the “boat” after each one to stretch out :(

  6. Slowest 1:55 Fastest 1:35 not happy with them times :( but there’s always next time ! Well done 11am class

  7. Hard wod that running, or should I say obstacle course. Tom, try and organise a Merc or an Audi next time at the gate, nothing like a bit o’ class when your struggling to stay upright!

  8. Ciara
    you shouldn’t be unhappy with those times you did brilliant. Thanks for pacing us for fisrt 200m of each round unfortunately couldn’t keep up with you on the second half.
    Marianne you nearly pipped me at the line, so will have to keep an eye on you. Well done 11:00 ladies & me lol

  9. Exactly John , Ciara u shouldn’t be unhappy with those times they were great well done, as were Marianne and John, only ur third week and progressing brilliantly, keep it up :-)

  10. W.O.D. Fastest 1.11 – Slowest 1:24 – Well done to the 17:30 class ye were all flying. See ye in a weeks time.

  11. Fastest 1.08 / slowest 1.20

    Times a little bit more even & quicker than last time so happy enough!!! That Wind on way down was a killer..

  12. fastest 1:12 slowest 1:21

    5 great races with kenno and john.. enjoy the holiday john see you when you get back.

  13. Fastest 1:35
    Slowest 2:10

    That was tough!

  14. 5x500m row fastest 1:41 slowest 1:45 alot tougher than i thought, id rather run anyday hamstrings b killin u durin the rows well done to all.

  15. well done crossfitters! Im fed up have chest infection n throat infection n dying to get back into cf, really missing it n my waistline is too! :-(

  16. Today’s wod – fastest 1.18
    Slowest 1.37 I think.
    First time doing that one and not looking forward to doing it again

  17. fastest 1:12 slowest 1:26 just delighted to finish all 5 last time out ran the first one in 1:05 and only managed one more after it so its an improvement roll on tomorrow.

  18. forgot to put my times up yesterday : 5 x 500mtr runs – fastest 1:18, slowest 1:32.

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