Tuesday the 22-11-11

Skill – Squat Clean


amrap 8 minutes

8 pushups
8 barballs
8 burpees
8 ghd hip extensions

rest 2 minutes then

teams of 3

row 3k swapping over every 250 meters

Exercises: , , , , .

15 Comments to Tuesday the 22-11-11

  1. Ohhh – a “rowathon” – Coolio! Should be fun 8-D

  2. awh dis looks deadly cant wait for the row never done it before and it isnt to much to do :)

  3. Nice one going back training hopefully back will b ok looking forward to it:)))

  4. Absolutely brillant workout really enjoyed it especially the team event,welldone to Leanne and Gavin who were on our team :)
    W.O.D…4rds+8 p/ups +8 bar balls +7 burpees rx
    Team row by 3 people……..12.34rx

  5. WOD 4 rounds 3burpees 4kg ball n abmat like dis a nice short one :)
    ROW 12.14 rx john and danny wer great at it :) sorry i was a bit slow and didnt win it for ye :P twas my first time rowing and warren was way to fast aswel :) well done all at 11 :) LOVE THE SHORT REPS HINT HINT :)

  6. WOD- 5 rounds + 4 Barballs

  7. 4 rounds + 2 burpees (rx)

  8. wod 4 rounds burpee x 1 really enjoyed this workout well done to viv and warren who sailed the boat home well done guys:))

  9. 6 rds & 8 push ups (abmat)

    Good buzz on the rower after!

  10. W.O.D 5 rounds even rx

  11. 5 rounds + 3 burpees Rx Rachel 5 rounds + 4 bar balls 4kg.
    Team event 3000m row 12-55 well done to Jessie and John.
    Rachel’s team event x 2000m 2 people 8-58.
    well done all

  12. 6 rounds even (abmat) rowing was a good laugh

  13. 4rds 7burpees rx really enjoyed todays workout and really enjoyed d row 12.24 rx well done Ian and marina great rowing:-)

  14. Really enjoyed today’s wod and team event =) WOD 5 rds 6 p/ups (6kg ball & abmat)
    2k Row: 7.57 I think – Sonya was on my team and she’s some rower!!

    Did yesterdays wod after. 5 rds 10 p/c 35kg and 10 GHD’s. Time: 6.28

  15. 4rnds + 3 barballs (4kg + abmat)…burpees slow me down something wicked really need to get better at these!
    Loved the team row with Sarah…Sarah has 7.57 so I’ll go with that too twas around there anyway I was goin good until I fell off the seat that’s what I get for being too enthusiastic haha! :)

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