Tuesday the 6th to Friday the 9th of August


The Chief

5 3 minute rounds with 1 minute break between rounds

3 power cleans 60/40kg (heavy kettlebell swings for bootcamp)
6 pushups
9 squats


10 minute max cals on bike or ski erg


2 rounds of:

3 minutes max pullups or c2b or bar or ring muscleups (mix moevements if you like, i will try 2 big sets of mu then go to c2b then go to pullups)
rest 2 minutes
3 minutes max front squats from the rack 75/50kg
rest 2 minutes
3 minutes max pushpress 45/30kg or handstand pushups
rest 2 minutes
3 minutes max burpees to a 6 inch touch


EMOM by 10

1 set of ghd situps (something you can do without stopping, i will be aiming for 10)



30 minutes of:
10 barbell bench press
10 strict pullups
10 box step ups holding a dball (5 each leg)
10 by 20 meter shuttle runs

Recovery or aerobic capacity

recovery – 5k row slowly and 20 minutes mobility
aerobic capacity – 5k row as fast as possible


Teams of 2:


50 deadlifts 100/65kg
50 toes to bar or knees to chest (mix if needed)
50 box jump overs
50 dumbbell hang squat clean thrusters
5 rope climbs

20 to 25 – rest

25 to 35 – AMRAP 10 MINUTES

30 d-ball cleans
60 wallballs
80 meter kettlebell farmers walk (up and down the gym once each)
100 double unders

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