Wednesday the 18-04-12


“G.I. Jane”

100 burpee pullups (20 minute cut off point)


amrap 15 minutes

5 burpees
5 pullups

Exercises: , .

21 Comments to Wednesday the 18-04-12

  1. wow!

  2. omg cool workout

  3. Nice first time doing this cant wait :)

  4. Like the sound of this :-)

  5. its the amrap for me i think – good wod though whichever one u do!

  6. Ye AMRAp fr me 2… Dnt fancy messin round with band fr every rep haha

  7. Looking forward to doing this one after work, will be my first time in this week and a real nice one to start (helps being a little taller for the pullups but probably a slight disadvantage for the burpees). Hopefully there will be a few others with me at half 5.

  8. 14:03RX. Hands in bits!

  9. G-I JANE….14.28rx
    Liked this one strangely :)

  10. GI JANE 17.43rx hands are so stingy :( really enjoyed it and happy with my time well done half nine some great scores

  11. well done Martina,Tracy and Tyrone who all RX,ed the 9.30 class..unfortunatly i still cant do pull ups without band so went with amrap…15 rounds +5 burpess,blue band,,,any1 thinkin of skipping this 1,,dont,,~Fantastic WOD…Left a RX whipping rope on table,,blue handle red rope, could some1 put it aside for me and il collect later or tomorrow, cheers

  12. What grip are we using for the pull ups.

  13. I would recommend using your hands Pat

  14. Looks like a deadly wod can’t wait to get back to training wen I get back :-)

  15. 12:32 Rx

  16. 11-32rx used pull up bar at end of box to be on par with the taller individuals used pull up grip for all of the wod great sweat well done all.

  17. 19:57 RX enjoyed that:) thanks for support at the last 15 reps:))

  18. AMRAP: 16 rds 2 burpees (red band). Well done to Kristoph who crushed that wod :)
    Rest day tmrw me thinks – I was dead today after yesterday. Me, laura, anna, sonya and breda did the 6.30 wod then some strength and a core wod in open gym. Great buzz around the place all the same!

  19. A huge congrats to u all today you blasted through G-I jane,some great scores posted on the board ,but just to say a big welldone to Kristoph who decided to come off the bands and do G-I Jane rx, you did fantastic great effort :) See u all tommorow.

  20. 16:31 RX, 1-0 to GI Jane I think but hopefully a bit quicker next time

  21. really enjoyed this one what a great burner again today 14 rounds 5 burpees b/b thanks martina :) well done all 6.30 eve class

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