Wednesday the 09-05-12

Micheal Connolly from Alpha Zone yoga has very kindly offered us a free 2 hour yoga workshop this Saturday from 0945am to 1145am. Flexibility is a massive part of our fitness and what better way to improve that than Yoga. Its free to all CFW members so please give it a shot. It will be held on their premisis in the Cleaboy Buisness Park. We will be meeting at our gym at 0930am and driving over together. Open gym will be from 12pm to 2pm.

Skill – Snatch


10 by 80 meter sprint

Exercises: .

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  1. I’ve got a chest infection over the long weekend and missed WOD on Tue thinking that it’s too jumpy and hoping for something calmer to come back to (as if it’s possible ;) )
    And now I can see sprints. I love them but not when I can’t breathe.
    I hope to see you on Thu then.

  2. F: 10:72 / S: 11.83

  3. Really enjoyed dis workout :):) fastest 13.50 slowest 14.00gonna try keep it in the 13s next time great 4.15 class well done all :):)

  4. Fastest 13:00, slowest 14:80. Not keen on sprinting in the rain but enjoyed it all the same ;-)

  5. Did an ab workout for a change and a 6mile run instead of workout

  6. Fastest… 12.40
    It was hard this morning chasing 5 galloping horses derek, john, swifty robbie, eamoin :) welldone boys great times, and welldone to all in the evening classes who battled through the rain,super times :)

  7. Fastest 11.80, slowest 12.80.
    Just me nd Bernard at 5.30, and just took off cudnt catch him lol

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