Wednesday the 11-04-12

Skill – 10 minute squat test


Power Clean or Deadlifts or Weighted Pullup 5,5,5,5,5


Clean Setup Box Jumps 3,3,3

Exercises: , , .

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  1. Whats a “Clean Setup Box Jump”?

  2. nice one

  3. They are box jumps but the start position is the same as the setup for the clean except you dont use a bar Chris. Pause for 3 seconds at the bottom then jump, try increase the height every set.

  4. DL – 130/140/150/160/165

    not a PR but ive havent lifted heavy in a couple of months so happy with that.

    clean jump – 36.5 ”

    tryed to do 38.5″ but just couldnt get my head around it, it felt like looking up at a mountain when i was squating down in front of it.

    good crowd at the 730am class, whys everyone stop posting their scores??? come on people, everyone likes to see what weer up to, it gives people something to shoot for and helps with motivation. Time for scrambled eggs and avacado, as Breda would say “YUM YUM YUM”

  5. PC 30/40/50/60/70 clean setup box jump 31″

    Nice way to get back into it after a long weekend

  6. Weighted Pullups 2.5KG x 4. Happy enough with that given I couldnt do any strict 2 months ago.

    36.5 on the clean jump. Like Tom says, it looks huge when you’re squatting down in front of it.

  7. First time trying Power Cleans on a strength day 20/25/30/35/37.5. Clean Box Jumps only got 22″ but I’m scared of those boxes ;-)
    Had Martinas recipe paleo breakfast pancake afterwards with blueberries instead of strawberries – more yum, yum, yum!

  8. Power cleans – 40/50/55/60/62.5 – Clean jumps 32 – 5 min squat drill as tuff legs like jelly after it – Big 4:15 class.

  9. P/C 30/35/40/45/50 x 5 pleased with that cos hate anything heavier than 42.5 on p/c’s(cant do box jumps at mo cos of injury, so just did loads of stretching after). Good 6.30 eve class ppl =)

  10. Did power cleans 40kg for 5 and 45kg for 1 found I tough enough good class at half 6 can’t wait to get bk to the half 9 class next week :)

  11. P/cleans 40/45/50/55/60kg x5 :) happy
    Box clean jumps….( hard ) 27 half….. im offically scared of things like this :( but ill keep trying them to get better at them, good job everyone great effort in class today :)

  12. ahhhh yes what a great class great warm up too i did deadlifts 70 , 80 90, 100,102 so so delighted with that well done 6.30 eve class thanks martina :))

  13. 6.25kg on the weighted pullups, 5 x 5 is much harder than 5 x 3, did the whole 5 minute squat then 36 inches on the box jump.

  14. I did power cleans stuck to a light weight to get technique as I was been carefully watched on my own at 9.30 tanx Eddie 5 min squat test good but legs r tight and only done 24″on box will go a bit more next time :-)

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